A whole new wooooorrrld! A dazzling place I never knew!
A new year! With every January comes new goals, new dreams and new expectations. It’s always very exciting to start fresh. However there are times when we aren’t so hip to the “fresh” and “new”. “New” can be scary. It is untested and therefore hard to trust. It takes bravery to boldly go into the unknown and believe that it will bring something extraordinary. Maybe 2014 was awesome and you are still celebrating the victories it brought. Perhaps 2014 was painful. You are happy to have it in the rear view, but you are still distracted by the scars it left. Regardless of what it looked like for you, it’s time to put 2014 in the books. No matter what happened last year it’s important that you don’t hold on to tightly to the WAS. It will hold you back if you allow it to. It’s time to shift your confidence to the IS NOW and build your faith for the WILL BE!
Start living as if it’s 2015, because it is.

Failure: Just Embrace It!

Failure. It’s what we all fear, but why? Why can’t we just accept that we are not perfect and therefore, are absolutely, without a doubt, going to fail at A LOT of things. This is especially true of our first time attempts. I fail all the time! Ask anyone! However, I happily accept this fact because I choose to look at it as a brave attempt at something new. I proudly wear the badge of “Brave One Who Tried” because that’s my new and improved definition of the word “failure”. So go out there brave ones! Try something new and be awesome, and if it doesn’t turn out exactly as you planned it, so what!! All that means is you are a “Brave One Who Tried”. Besides, who’s can judge? Only Jesus was perfect and He’s certainly not going to criticize! So dig deep for some courage and fail your little heart out!